Saying goodbye is probably the hardest thing to ever do, especially saying goodbye to someone who once meant the world to you; someone you once loved so much. It’s hard trying to forget all the memories, the laughs, tears, smiles, hugs, & kisses, but trying to save a relationship that’s already gone will only hurt you more in the end. I know people say never give up & keep trying but think about this, are you trying to save the relationship because you still love them & you don’t want anyone else but yourself? Or are you just saving the relationship, because you’re so used to having them in your life that you think life won’t be the same without them? A lot of you may say that you still love them, but if you actually reflect on your relationship, you’ll realize that you’re only tolerating one another because of all the memories you’ve made with each other & you don’t want it to just be over that quick after everything that happened between you two. But holding on won’t help. 
If there’s more tears than’s time to say goodbye.


The only negative thing about being in a relationship is when you lose that one source of happiness. Even when you try to move on with someone else, you still have all these feelings for your ex…& The only way to get that ex out of your head is to stop looking for someone to fill your void, but instead to just enjoy life & be patient for the ‘one’ to come along. But the one question everyone asks is; “How long will it take for the ‘one’ to come?” & that no one has an answer too…& that’s life, you never know when, what, where, why, or how things happens & that what makes life worth living for, because you can always assume for a brighter future. Love can be very complicated, but love at the same time is beautiful & worth every heart break in the past.

If I like you, I like you.

Im not saying i like you because

  • you’re hot
  • sexy
  • fine
  • you got a body
  • perfect

I like you because

  • you can be yourself around me
  • make me smile
  • your personality
  • do the weirdest things and i find it cute

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When can I find you?
I actually miss someone calling me babe, someone to talk to me throughout the whole day, someone I could go to at the end of day, someone cheering me up, someone constantly blowing up my phone, having late night calls, getting goodmorning/goodnight calls/texts, cuddling, holding hands, the kisses, etc. & what I miss the most is having someone to call mine. But what is the point of having all this with someone when you’ll eventually get hurt by the one person who means the most to you…? I’ve come to believe all these good things don’t last forever…For me it’ll only last weeks or maybe even months…if I’m lucky. I want something real. "But waiting for ‘you’ is like waiting for rain in this drought”
Just because I haven’t called you out on your lies yet, doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed.

The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you.

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Apologizing means you’re truly sorry for whatever you’ve done wrong. When you apologize don’t expect to be forgiven & I say that because when you expect to be forgiven you just say it, you don’t mean what you say & with that you may make the same mistake again. Don’t apologize if you just want to be forgiven, apologize because you mean it.

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Remembering why.

There will come a time where you’ll miss someone who used to be in your life. & You can’t help but think you need/want them back in your life. But here’s the thing, they’re not in your life currently for a reason.

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Getting over someone whether they were ever yours or not.

It’s always hard to get over someone you like, from whether they were yours or not. No matter what your relationship was it’s still going to be hard to get over anyone you had feelings for & that’s okay. Don’t feel stupid or embarrassed because if anyone had feelings for someone they just can’t automatically get over them. & Everyone will feel this at one point, so never put yourself down. It’ll just take time & eventually you will move on & find happiness with someone/somewhere else.

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A relationship shouldn’t break up a friendship, & a friendship shouldn’t break up a relationship.